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Questions? - Harbourmaster & Terminal operators

Any questions about the project and the use of the templates, as far as not in the manuals, can be sent to:
Ben van Scherpenzeel -

Q; where should I send the document to, once I have finished the guideline for my port?
A; you should publish the document on your own port website and send the link (URL) to Ben van Scherpenzeel -
A second option is to send the document itself to Ben van Scherpenzeel, the document will then be hosted on the IHMA website.

Q; What is the best way to get started?
A; Pilot ports recommend to first appoint a dedicated person in your staff to do the job. This person will find the template very useful. He or she should however follow the instructions in the manual, a 3-page handy document.

Q; How to make sure that the information is always up-to-date?
A; We found that it works best if, after finalizing the first edition, you hand over ‘the ownership’ of each chapter to a dedicated person in your staff. He or she will then be asked on a fixed day of every month if any changes in his or her chapter have happened that need to be modified in the text.

Q: Which points should have my attention?
A; The installation of the template on your computer (see short manual) is crucial for a correct use; after that (2 minute) procedure you can quickly fill out the paragraphs as well as the name of your port, date, version number, address of your website etc.
Easiest way for this installation is to follow the manual step by step.

Q: Our network uses a firewall that prevents installation of the template
A: You can request a free USB with Ben van Scherpenzeel - to install the template