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Port Sections Guide - for each berth and fairway section

To further meet the demands of the maritime industry and the nautical service providers IHMA has started working on the second phase: specific nautical port information, provided in the Port Sections Guide.

Providing information needs clear separation of roles; discussions with the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) and UK Hydrographic Office have resulted in a clear separation of responsibilities for the specific nautical port information;

Harbour Master:
- From pilot station to fender line the harbour masters are seen as the authoritative and trusted source for specific nautical port information such as depths, UKC policy, tidal restrictions etc., possibly complemented with charts and photo’s.

Terminal Operator:
- From fender line to first valve ashore (wet terminals) or crane (dry terminals) the terminal operators are seen as the authoritative and trusted source for terminal information such as mooring arrangements, maximum approach speed, manifold information etc. The template for the Port Sections Guide is a simple Excel document, and is a result of many discussions with OCIMF, Maersk, UKHO and ports.

Download Template Port Sections Guide (XLS)
Download Port Sections Guide template including explanatory fields (PDF)